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Don’t lose another HOT lead from an incomplete form

Introducing....Capture® & Convert®

Why remarketing?

Remarking helps brands re-engage with users that have visited their websites. When abandonment rates can soar as high as 97%* being able to remarket to interested prospects is vital, and building that brand awareness can increase conversions and returned buyers. Movology helps you remarket to the most engaged prospects in relevant time with branded and PERSONALIZED messaging.

MOV•ology™ LLC provides real-time automated web form abandonment solutions
to increase ROI using our Patented Software.

(US Patents 9,280,531, 9,286,282, 9,589,281 & 10,042,838).

Our end-to-end web form abandonment solutions are unequaled in the industry.

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Capture® is the first and only patented software that allows you to amplify your lead generation and ReMarketing capacity by capturing data the instant it is typed into your web form. Now you can stop losing leads to incomplete forms, and Capture® more leads for your digital spend.



Using the power of the patented Capture® software the experts in ReMarketing bring you Convert®. Maximize your captured leads and drive them back to grow revenue and sales!

Web Form Abandonment

Mov-ology’s patented eForm recovery works quietly in the background of your website/landing pages to detect visitors, assign them a unique identifier and track their visit and capture data as it is entered.  If the visitor does not complete the form their information is captured it feeds directly into the Mov-ology remarking system and will send the prospect a series of predetermined Branded remarketing emails to incentive and drive them toward the next step in the sales process..

With Mov-ology’s unique and patented program you can identify your high valued traffic and have a chance to bring site abandoners back to convert more sales..

Based our years of research and expertise in the digital marketing industry we have found that on average abandonment rates can rage from 50-91%, and that remarking to those abandoners can have a immediate affect on increased leads, conversions, sales and overall revenue increase up to 20%..

What is the cost? Mov-ology has a number of solutions to match your needs. To find the right plan for you please contact us for a custom quote

Email List Building Services

Building your email marketing list is hard work, let Movology help you increase your success and help you grow.  With Movology’s patented technology we can find just the right fit for your marketing platform.  With Web Form Abandonment you can utilize our platform to capture your abandoned web leads and have us feed them directly into your desired API/CRM platform.  This allows for seamless integration into your company’s current CRM, marketing and remarketing and complete control of creative content.

Build your marketing list quickly, maximize your website traffic and create ongoing branding and loyalty through personalized messaging to your prospects for increased sales and life time customers.

Branded Email Remarketing

Our mostly widely utilized service in conjunction with web form abandonment.  When visitors abandon a website it can be for a number of reasons: maybe the internet went out, they got a phone call, the kids were fighting…so many things can easily distract us when we are in the middle of searching or shopping for things.  This is why branded email remarketing to web abandoners is such a sweet spot in the marketing strategy.  When a prospect receives a Branded email shortly after visiting a site that they were in the middle of inputting their information to its a personal and gentle reminder to complete where they left off. Here’s how it works…

  • Prospect visits your website and begins filling out form/application/contact page etc but does not complete the form.
  • Mov-ology’s patented system captures the email and form info and triggers a series of emails.
  • The personalized emails are directly sent to the web abandoners incentivizing them to return and complete the form or purchase.

Direct Mail Integration

Personalized Omnichannel marketing is the future of marketing and at Movology we believe in full integration with direct mail in order to reach your prospects directly and personally. It isn’t about email marketing versus direct mail marketing, but instead about combining them both to create a unified and PERSONAL message to reach your prospects in various channels to increase their propensity to buy and become brand loyal.  With email marketing booming over the last decade the response rate of direct mail has sky rocketed to more than 5X what email marketing achieves, so with the right combination of both we are best able to reach our clients prospects.

At Movology we are able to create multiple combinations of programs that will track your prospect and move them through the buying cycle, from the initial web abandonment email with a message to be on the lookout for the coupon in their mailbox we can tie in your marketing strategy to create the most effective outcomes.

Contact us for program details.

Your Digital Marketing Partner For Increased Success

Identify web form abandoners, email them branded remarking messages, and drive them back. More leads, more conversions, more sales.

Our product portfolio extends from online lead generation forms, transactional shopping cart abandonment recovery solutions, identifying and profiling site abandoners to significantly lift your marketing ROI.

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